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Laser Periodontal Repair

Laser Periodontal Repair

When patients have moderate to severe periodontal disease or simply do not adequately respond to the initial treatment, further intervention is required to stabilize the teeth and gums. Classically, this involved cutting open the gums, smoothing down any rough areas of bone, and tightly suturing down the gum tissue to reduce pockets. This process reduced pockets around the teeth and made home care easier, but often resulted in an unsightly recession. Fortunately, we are now able to perform treatment that is less invasive, more comfortable, and results in less, if any, recession.

The Waterlase Periodontal Repair Protocol involves cleaning the deep pockets between the teeth and gums with a thin laser tip. The laser energy is able to remove debris, diseased tissue, and condition the root surface to accept new bone attachment. Because the gums do not have to be cut open, this procedure is more comfortable and does not require any annoying sutures. Rather than smoothing down the bone, our goal is to provide a clean and healthy area for the bone to grow back.

If you have failed periodontal treatment or been told you need periodontal surgery, call us to find out if Waterlase Periodontal Repair is right for you.