Due to the COVID-19 Crisis and governor's executive order, we will be treating patients on an emergency only basis at this time.
Thank you for your understanding.


What is the Isolite?

The Isolite gently holds the patient’s mouth open, whiling keeping the tongue out of the working field and guarding the patient’s vulnerable airway. Additionally, the Isolite continually suctions, leaving the patient with a dry and comfortable mouth during Isolite dental procedures. This eliminates the feeling of "drowning" a patient may experience and offers an overall more relaxing and pleasant visit. The soft material of the mouthpiece allows the patient to hold his or her mouth open effortlessly, which lessens jaw pain in long procedures. The Isolite even helps patients with TMJ (jaw) problems have a comfortable visit!

Isolite Improves Quality of Dentistry

The Isolite, however, is not merely for the patient's comfort, but it also improves the quality of dentistry the patient receives. The Isolite technology isolates the teeth so that restorations don't become contaminated. It is almost as good as "rubber dam" dentistry.