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Root Canals in Montville, NJ

Root Canals

Despite common misconceptions, root canals are typically comfortable procedures, which are intended to take patients out of pain. Generally speaking, a root canal is required when the pulp (nerve and blood supply) of the tooth dies, is infected, or becomes severely inflamed. Though there are many reasons why these situations can occur, the common denominator is always trauma to the tooth. This trauma can manifest from deep cavities, multiple times working on the same tooth, and fractures, to name a few. Regardless of the cause, once the pulp has reached this status, initiating a root canal is the only alternative to extracting the tooth.

The root canal procedure entails numbing the affected tooth, removing all decay and infected, inflamed, or dead pulp tissue, disinfection of the inside of the tooth, and sealing of the root portion of the tooth with a biocompatible rubber material called gutta percha. In most teeth, after this process is completed, we recommend restoration of the tooth with a crown, and, if necessary a post, to seal the exposed portion of the tooth. This entire procedure is a way for patients to keep teeth that have had severe issues rather than extracting them and replacing with implants or bridges.

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