Teeth Whitening in Montville, NJ

Teeth Whitening

Whitening, or bleaching, is among the most common cosmetic procedures done in dentistry. In general, most whitening products work through the use of some form of peroxide, which opens up pores in the teeth and lightens the underlying tooth structure. There is a variety of methods for carrying out this process, ranging from over-the-counter to in-office. Over-the-counter options, like Crest White Strips or Opalescence To Go, are in strip form that is pre-loaded with the whitening material and are adhesively applied to the teeth. A more effective at-home option involves the fabrication of custom trays, which can be loaded with whitening material through a syringe. Lastly, an application of higher strength whitening material can be applied in the office during a single visit. The most common side effect of any type of whitening is tooth sensitivity, so let us help determine your best option. If you are currently using one of our at-home options, you can find the instructions here.