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Gummy Smile Reduction

Gummy Smile Reduction

There are a variety of circumstances that can leave a patient with an excessive display of their gum tissue when they smile. Depending on whether their teeth are too short, the upper jaw is too tall, or lip is overly mobile, there are several different treatment options to correct these issues.

If these issues are a result of the size or position of the teeth, the correction is relatively simple. This is typically accomplished by recontouring the gum tissue, or bone if necessary, with the use of our Waterlase. This can occasionally be completed without the need for any restorative work; however, many people will combine this treatment with porcelain veneers or crowns. If only gum recontouring is required, this can often be completed with only topical (gel) anesthesia!

Any issues with the upper jaw or upper lip mobility often require corrective surgery. As always, we prefer to screen and diagnose our patients before making the proper referrals if needed.

If you would like to show less gum tissue when you smile, call us for a no-fee consultation today!