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Removable Appliance Care

Removable Appliance Care

Clear Aligners, Retainers, Nightguards

  • Wear appliance as directed by the dentist
  • Keep appliance away from heat, which may cause deformation and poor fit
  • Only rinse with cold or room temperature water
  • Do not leave in the car during warm times of year
  • Keep appliance away from pets - they are expensive chew toys!
  • Use a cleaning solution/tabs like Denta Soak, Insta Fresh, or Retainer Brite
  • If any debris builds up on the appliance, it can be soaked in white vinegar for 30 minutes to an hour, just make sure to rinse it well before next use. Can also lightly brush away with a new toothbrush (toothpaste residue will make appliance appear cloudy)


  • Take out dentures nightly and allow to soak in water overnight
  • Use denture cleaner tabs like Polident or Efferdent
  • Brush only if needed to remove excess debris